Industry Certified Bartending Training Program



  1. The Nationally Recognized Alcohol Awareness Program Called Tips©. Bars And Restaurants Are Requiring Bartenders To Serve Alcohol Responsibly And Guide By State And Corporate Laws.
  2. California State Law Requires All Bartenders, Bar Backs, And Food Servers To Hold A Current Food Safety Course In Order To Work In The Food And Beverage Industry. This Is Included With This Package Program
  3. Understudies Also Receive Our Masters Certified Stamped Laminated Mobile Certification Card. This Will Be Prepared With All Identification License Numbers For Authenticity From Food Handlers Completion Course, Alcohol Awareness License Number With Masters Program Certificate Of Completion.


  • Industry Certified+ Upgrade: Receive Industry Certified Bartending Training Program Plus Our Hand-Picked Professional Grade Stainless Steel, Masters Bartenders Kit. Cocktail Creators Perform at their best when they use their own proper tools. Enhance your Productivity and Quality Beverages with this ready to go kit hand-selected from the Masters.

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Industry Certified Bartending Training Program:

San Diego County Approved: Provider Number #DEH2014-FFHI-000033.
Food Handlers Law: Mandatory in San Diego.
State Agency: Premier Food Safety©.
Who Needs San Diego Food Handlers Card? All Food Handlers (Including Bartenders), working at permitted food/beverage establishments in San Diego County.
Certification: San Diego Food Handler Cards are valid for 3 years.

Industry Certified Bartending Training Program




Approved TIPS Programs: Masters Of Bartending School
Online: On-Premise 3.0.
California Alcohol   Server Training Law: Mandatory: The state requires approved alcohol server/seller training in some capacity.
State Agency: California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.
Requirements: Mandatory in 2021. Voluntary until that time.
Certification: TIPS Certification is valid for 3 years.


 Receive Masters Official Foil Stamped Certificate Of Completion. All In One(Wallet Size) Mobile Certificate Provides Your Certification Credentials Numbers From Tips© & Premier Food Safety© For Proof Of Authenticity.

Certified Bartending Training Program 2

Certified Bartending Training Program

Industry Certified Bartending Training Program Learn:

  • 28 Hours Combined Lectures And Hands-On Experience.
  • Workbook, Examinations, Certificate, Tuition, Tax, And Filing Included.
  • Receive Test Results And Full Student Evaluation Upon Completion.
  • A Unique Style Of Bartending that Dramatically Increases Tips.
  • Proper Martini Terminology, Chilling Techniques, And Presentation.
  • Secrete Recipes That are Original or Modified to Perfection.
  • Learn Beer and Practice Pouring From Our Draft Beer System.
  • Learn Wine, Varietals, Terms, And Proper Wine Bottle Presentation.
  • Mixed Shooters, Drop-In Shots, and All Fun/Joke Shots.
  • How to Perfectly Blend an Alcoholic Blended Cocktail.
  • Learn Basic And Advance Fruit Cutting for Garnishing.
  • Acquire The Ability To Free Pour Accurately And The Use Of The Jigger.
  • Pouring Techniques, Layering, Stack Pouring Tricks, And More.
  • Practice Using Real Glassware To Get The Real Feel And Gain Confidence.
  • How To Multi-Task Drinks To Increase Bartender Product Production.
  • Appropriate Vocabulary Terms And Communication Vocabulary.
  • Build Customer And Co-Worker Rapport With Our Ethics Of Bartending.
  • How To Generate Sales and High Check Averages.
  • Become Knowledgeable With The Cocktails History And Origins.
  • Superior Industry Training From Professional Career Bartenders.
  • Access Student Resources And Open Bar for Student Practice.

Q. Will we learn how to use a point of sale system (POS)?

A. Come September POS training will be included in our two week course, during which we will be providing students with a basic overview of a POS. There are over 50 types of POS systems used in the industry to date, for this reason we will give an introductory outline of a POS. Keeping in mind most establishments train employees in their particular systems, our main focus here at Masters is the gaining of knowledge and experience in bartending.

Q. Do I have to be 21 years old to attend?
A.The Legal age to bartend in California is 21 years of age and 18 years old to enroll in our educational program.



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