Meet Our Instructors

Arnold Barkhorn, one of the founding fathers of Masters Of Bartending as well as the lead instructor. With 15 years experience in bartending, bar managing, and working bar flair. Total of 20 years in the food and beverage industry.
With plans on impacting the San Diego Bartending Community, he is prepared to train anyone the ability to create cocktails and serve with passion for any entry level position. After taking this course you will look like you have been bartending for years.
Instructed and trained all over southern California including Professional Bartending School in San Marcos and Professional Bartending School in San Diego. Experiencd in a wide range of atmospheres including everything from corporate bars, private events, and major venues . A very fun, animated instructor with a heap of knowledge showcasing years of experience.

Derwayne Chesterman is in the third generation of barkeepers in his family and has a passion for mixology and the craft of freestyle bartending. 20+ years as Bartender.
After witnessing a bartender in London’s first ever TGI Fridays captivate the crowd, make a fantastic drink and get all the ladies at the same time, he was hooked. Since Flaircos (high grade plastic shatterproof flair bottle) were still yet to be invented, he had to practice with the real thing wrapped in tape (the bottle, not Derwayne!). Derwayne also Managed Bars and is a Performance Flairtender.
Being part of the flair revolution in London since 1997, witnessing the birth of the Roadhouse flair competition to selling bar blades to the hungry bartending masses, if he hasn’t seen it or done it, he was probably drunk at the time!
Always learning, ever evolving, and now the driver of a new revolution in flair bartending, Derwayne oversees the number one flair bartending team in America, The Flairaholiks.

Jason Trey Ramirez (left photo) manages and bartends at Homestyle Hawaiian Pub and Eatery. With his 5+ years of experience in the restaurant industry he possesses a passion for training students to use their full potential, and utilizes their strengths as individuals to become one of a kind servers, and bartenders. Jason specializes in the art of craft gin cocktails and martinis.

Said @ El ComalSaid Herrera (right photo)  18+ years (Restaurant/Bar Manager) @ El Comal in North Park, San Diego. He has instructed and trained all over San Diego. Said is passionate for perfect creations, specializing in tequila and the art of tequila cocktails. (photo to the right)

David Solorzano has 14+ years of experience in the food and beverage industry. He is currently bartender, bar manager, and instructor at one of San Diego’s most prestigious steak houses in Del Mar. He has performed and starred in various training videos for bartending schools all over the USA. Also known for a wide range of great recipe knowledge while serving it with style.

Ryan C. KellyRyan C Kelly 5+years (Bartender/Bar-back/Instructor) @ Chula Vista’s most renown dive bars such as The Canyon Pub and Grill. Ryan is one of our most impressive Instructors since he started with Abartenders4hire LLC back in 2012. As an Instructor Ryan has shown the possibilities one can expect with hard work and the MOB on your side.  Ryan excelled in assisting others with the various aspects of bartending  and what they mean to those only beginning their bartending career. Now an experienced bartender Ryan continues as an instructor to show eager students the various opportunities the world holds for members of the MOB world. Rock and Roll with liquid and panache.

Masters Of Bartending School

Believes it is important for all Bartenders in San Diego to actively serve their community responsibly! In addition to being top notch in the industry, our uniqueness is the way we serve cocktails. Specializing in style, sales techniques and many industry secrets.  We also host events which allows us to provide bartending services for private events with our mobile bars in which we pass many jobs to our students working with our current and future clients.