Bartending Schools in San Diego

Gaslamp Bartending School (listed price $200)

Located in Downtown San Diego is very difficult place to park. You will maybe find street parking otherwise you will pay for parking at Horton Plaza Mall. I’ve spoken with two students who came out of that class that go to my local bar. Their reactions was they didn’t feel they got what they paid for. Also telling me that the place smells very sour. After looking at their web page I observed a possible huge health code violation. Mold!

These are pictures posted on the front page of Gaslamp Bartending Schools website from inside the Bassmnt Night Club! Not sure how they can get away with filthy molded mats but in the Food and Beverage Industry this is what we call a health code violation. You can see an establishments true colors when the lights are on.

I’ve observed that they are using the plastic-ware for all their drinks. Which makes sense because this is a club. Because of that you are limited to learning proper glassware for craft cocktails. In which I have also observed they don’t sale many. Getting a feel for the real glassware and weight is very important. Using real glassware is huge for your confidence. Otherwise you may appear to look hesitant and even fragile yourself.

Gaslamp Bartending School will sale you big on learning how to use a POS (point of sale) systems. The truth is, there are over 20 POS systems being used in San Diego. Even if you already know how to use one, EVERY JOB will retrain you on the way they have their POS system set up. I feel this can be a waste of time and taking away from what is most important and what you’ve paid for, the hours of experience for bartending. (POS systems are designed to be very user friendly, aka dummy proof)

San Diego Bartending School (listed price $299.00 or $498.00 for two)

Located East of the 15 and north of the 8 freeway off Waring Road. Taught by a couple older individuals Al and Frank, who are very knowledgeable about the old school approach to bartending. However I feel they are still stuck in that era. I recently encountered a person who took the class with them. She was actually a student at Masters Of Bartending School. After taking their course a month ago, she found her self enrolling with Masters of Bartending. I happen to notice she brought in her book from San Diego Bartending School. Giving me an opportunity to look through it I noticed a lot of things. One was that they are teaching very old material. The concepts are similar however things have changed a lot since they created their workbook that they still use today. I feel like they truly need a major update. Using 1 fluid ounce for high ball style is not the way of the bar industry anymore. Teaching drinks that are instinct and bars don’t even buy those style of liqueurs to create those drinks anymore.